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The Leibniz Graduate School on Aging and Age-Related Diseases (LGSA) is a joint program of the Leibniz Institute on Aging – Fritz Lipmann Institute (FLI) and the Friedrich Schiller University (FSU) in Jena. The School calls for applications for a PhD position in the research group “Computational Biology” led by Prof. Steve Hoffmann, and in connection with the Leibniz Research Alliance "Resilient Ageing". The position will be available from spring 2023.

The Leibniz Graduate School on Aging and Age-Related Diseases (LGSA) belongs to the Leibniz Association - a non-university research organization equivalent to the Max Planck Society and the Helmholtz Association.

The Computational Biology Group at the Leibniz Institute on Aging – Fritz Lipmann Institute is interested in deciphering the mechanisms of genome regulation. Specifically, we analyze changes and effects of DNA (hydroxy-)methylation, histone marks, and classic transcription factors during aging, in health and disease. In contrast to other computational groups, we are equipped with ample wet-lab facilities allowing us to generate our own data and validate our hypotheses. Our multi-disciplinary team is composed of bioinformaticians, statisticians, biochemists, and biologists.
The Leibniz Research Alliance “on Resilient Ageing” combines the expertise of scientists from fourteen Leibniz Institutes and one associate Leibniz Institute to set up a highly interdisciplinary and coherent research agenda to study aging from a comprehensive perspective to investigate topics on ageing and resilience. They will use their joined forces to take a look at the individual biological aging process in connection with lifestyle, nutrition, education and other socioeconomic and sociopolitical factors. Researchers from the fields of medicine, psychology, the natural sciences, sociology and economics, cooperate and conduct joint projects to analyze the interactions between biological-medical and socio-economic aspects. The aim of the research is to develop strategies at all levels so that more people can grow old in good health and society is not overwhelmed by rising healthcare costs.

We are looking for highly motivated PhD candidates interested in the computational analysis of biological data to pursue an interdisciplinary PhD project. The position should be filled as soon as possible.

Eligible are students that have obtained, or that will obtain within half a year, an academic degree comparable to the master degree or diploma in in (Bio-) Informatics, (Bio-) Statistics, (Bio-) Mathematics, (Bio-) Physics, or a related discipline. Also, we invite applications of Biochemists and Biologists with a demonstrated interest in Informatics, Statistics, or Mathematics.
Further requirements are:
• Strong interest in genome biology, cancer biology, or epigenomics
• Strong interest in single cell analysis (10x Genomics)
• Strong interest in the development and application of methods for big data analysis
• Advanced programming skills in R. Skills in additional programming languages are preferable.
• Strong commitment and work ethic
• Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English

We offer:
• A position in a well-equipped and motivated group that aims to bridge wet and dry lab research.
• A highly cooperative environment and possibilities of international collaborations.
• Access to multiple state-of-the-art facilities. Our work is embedded in the Beutenberg Campus, an interdisciplinary base for innovative research.
• Flexible working time, a family friendly working environment including support for child care solutions and dual career.

Further information on the Leibniz Graduate School on Aging and Age Related Diseases (LGSA) can be found at

For the first step, please acquaint yourself with the application procedure on our website and fill in the application form in our online system.

Deadline for submission is February 28, 2023.


Leibniz Institute on Aging - Fritz Lipmann Institute e.V. (FLI) Beutenbergstraße 11 D07745 Jena (Germany) Phone: #49(0)3641 656340

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